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Brewed with passion

Helia Brewery Co. embodies sun & sea, light & balance, femininity & love, family & friends, culture & community. Our modern brewing sensibilities, give life to our authentic, inspirational craft beers, which we create with passion and attention to detail, locally.

The Brewery

Where the magic happens

Helia came to life in a garage overlooking the Pacific ocean with home-brew in that garage while listening to the harmonic rhythm of the wind and the waves in Leucadia. A passion to brew distinctive craft beer has evolved over the past six years into the Helia Brewing Co. we are all so proud to represent today.

Whether you experience pure happiness taking that first sip of an ice-cold Happy Pale Ale on the beach at sunset, or laughing with friends over a pint of Hazy Jay IPA at our flagship Tasting Room, we want everyone to feel the warm mellow Helia vibes.

All our our beers are made with love in a custom 15bbl brew house design by American Craft Fabrication.