The Story

Evolving our craft is by far the number one focus, but there is so much more to the Helia family. Our Brewery is a platform to gather community and connect with people who have an authentic love of craft beer and an open heart to the core pillars of our brand.

We believe when you savor the present, are grateful for the past and have a mission for the future, you have a full glass, which makes us raise ours.

Our Family

Helia Brewing Co. came to life through the friendship of two dreamers, Kelby Pedery-Edwards and Thomas Brogiollo, who literally met in a garage overlooking the ocean. It was in that garage that they started to homebrew together, while sharing dreams and listening to the harmony of the wind and waves in Leucadia. Together, their passion for craft beer turned into a shared passion for their own distinctive craft beer, which blossomed in the sun of their favorite beach…

Thomas Brogiollo

Thomas was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil but discovered Leucadia at a young age. His love of surfing and other cultures drew him back to the coast where he met Kelby. Thomas’ connections to internationally renown restaurateurs and craft beer aficionados are bringing the local, artisan qualities of Helia Brewing Co. to new markets throughout the world.

Kelby Pedery-Edwards

Kelby, Beer Master for Helia, is a California native. He learned very early on in his career, the only path for him was one that involved culinary creativity, reflective of his Leucadian roots—where he discovered his true passion and talent for concocting amazing beers. The past few years, Kelby has been working with Thomas to perfect Helia’s recipes and share them with our ever-growing community of craft beer lovers.

Helia Family

Thomas and Kelby are passionate about their craft and lovingly take care of all operational aspects of Helia—production, sales, tasting room management, inventory/cellar management, R&D, sales abroad, collaborations—They almost do it all…

Our rockstar bartenders and staff embody Helia’s golden state of mind—warm, open, dynamic, playful, creative and genuinely stoked to be living the dream.









Mark Kaplan








Born & Raised in Leucadia.

Brewing the Dream in Vista, CA.

1250 Keystone Way   –   Vista, CA 92081

Helia Brewing Company

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